About Us

Growing up in a house with two sisters, fashion has always been my favorite way to express myself. I have vivid memories of secretly raiding my older sisters’ closets and praying I would get home from school before they discovered that I had taken a coveted item from their collection!  I believe that fashion has the power to transform you!  A new top can completely change your mood, making a bad day better.  A fun dress can boost your confidence, giving you the edge to land that new job.  And a piece of statement jewelry can take your look from mom to hot momma in seconds.






Fast forward a few years from the time I was borrowing clothes from my sisters. They would call it stealing, but they are just flat wrong because I always, returned what I took! I graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC and had spent over 15 years in corporate marketing.  I had devoted my career to promoting everything from technology to commercial construction.  I loved marketing, but just wasn’t crazy about WHAT I was marketing. (I mean, is it even possible to be crazy for a data backup system??) I’d find myself daydreaming about marketing something different…something that I had a passion for. 

Of course the answer was easy for me!  CLOTHES!  I loved the idea of helping to market PEOPLE through their outfits and accessories.  First impressions mean so much in today’s fast paced society, and while you definitely shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance…it happens way too often.  I decided I wanted to help people make a good first impression, but more importantly go about their everyday lives feeling better about themselves. My ultimate goal is to give customers the confidence they need to go out into the world and make it a better place. I should have known when I won “Best Dressed” as a Senior Superlative in High School, that fashion was my calling.

I started Poshture Boutique as an online store in 2013.  It was something to do on the side to express myself.  It was just a hobby, I never imagined it could be my JOB!  I started doing pop up shows and home shows for friends and after a year online, I had the opportunity to expand into a storefront, renting a small space from another boutique owner.  I knew in the first month that I had found my calling.  I felt like that young girl sneaking into my sisters’ closets.  I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up!  I wanted to own a boutique!

In 2015, I left my marketing job to focus my attention completely on running Poshture Boutique. I spent another year as a vendor in a boutique, developing the style that I wanted to convey in my own business.  In November of 2016, I was finally able to open what would be my very own boutique.  We started with concrete floors and sheet rock walls, and designed a space where women of all ages could find the perfect outfit to make them be the best version of themselves!  With a selection of gift items, children’s clothing and my women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, my store has a little bit of everything!  I hope you’ll have a chance to come see me in person one day, but if not I am delighted you stopped by my website. My goal is that, like my storefront, this website will be a place for every woman to find something to boost her confidence and make her day a little better.  Happy shopping!